Hail Damage


Do You Have Hail Damage to Your Air Conditioning Unit?

This type of damage may impair operation of the air conditioning unit resulting in:

  • Reduced air flow through coils
  • Higher refrigerant temperature
  • Lost performance
  • Lost reliability
  • Lost Efficiency
Hail Damage to Air conditioning unit in Phoenix Arizona Your air conditioning system removes heat from your home by pulling air through a coil that is very much like the radiator in your car.  When these fins were struck by the hail in the recent storms, they were bent and damaged to the point of reducing and changing the airflow properties of your homes' cooling unit.  These fins are critical in the operation and efficiency of your air conditioner.  In this case, you will suffer by higher cooling bills and lost cooling capacity for many years to come.  Insist your insurance company treats this damage the same way they are treating your roof or siding.  Replace it or repair it with a new or like new product.

Be Prepared!  Have a technician give you a hail inspection for your insurance company.

The extent of damage is nearly impossible to determine without a professional inspection.  Some coils can be "combed out", but most we have inspected been so severely damaged that they need to be replaced.   

In most cases, this type of damage is covered by insurance.  In many cases, these coils are no longer available, or so expensive that it is more cost effective to replace the system.  We have been providing estimates for many different insurance companies, and can work with your insurance company to provide the best possible solution.

If you live in one of the areas that received hail damage, and you can see any sign of damage to your system, call us today for a free professional inspection and estimate for repair or replacement. 
Insist your insurance company repair or replace these damages.



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